The Sixth Tekesi International Photography Festival - May 2017

My USA photos were selected by the Chinese Photographers Association to be included in this festival in Tekesi, Xinjiang in far north-western China - in the only ethnic Kazakh region in China - for a government tourism photoshoot and exhibition.

Below, you can see how the photos were exposed. the festival took care of the printing and hanging.

While I am particularly happy to have my photos shown there and that they are shared in such a remote area of China, printing on these types of surfaces is in my opinion not the best way to showcase art prints. generally this type of printing surface has a rather low quality finish in terms of resolution. Also, it seems they were not properly handled as they were for the most part bent.

In the second image, the photo on the left does NOT belong to my series. I feel sorry for the artist (not sure who) who had his photo misplaced.

While I was not able to attend, I was very happy to see that two of my photographer friends who also live in Beijing, Aurelien Foucault ( and instagram: @foukographer) and Laurent Hou (instagram: @people_of_beijing) had also been selected (through other channels) and were actually in attendance. You should check out their work !

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