Ricardo Diez Baeza - born in Spain in the 20th Century.
His professional career in Development projects with the Para-Governmental Institutions allows him to travel to hard to reach destinations from Mauritania to East Timor.
His profession feeding his passion and his passion feeding his work.
His posting in Haiti takes him to its capital only a week before the earthquake. the event catches him inside his hotel room, which collapsed. Miraculously surviving, he takes photos of the moment.
From then on, he understands his visceral necessity to take photos.
Since then, after three years in Laos, Ricardo is now working in Beijing, China.
Deeply inspired by his experiences he published URBACIDE. A book about the reciprocally murderous relationship between cities and their citizens
Urbacide was exhibited in France and in Laos and in October 2013 he collaborated with a Sapporo Butoh dance troupe.
Ricardo is now developing several photo projects in China collaborating with other Photographers as well as with other artists based in Beijing.
He is also working on several photobook projects, hoping that at least some of them will eventually get printed

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